The DiaTech tool has been created in a multidisciplinary team of the UPV/EHU, in which linguistics, engineers, statisticians, cartographers and computer specialists have taken part.:
  • G. Aurrekoetxea (UPV/EHU), manager of the project and coordinator; Department of Linguistics and Basque Studies and manager of the EUDIA research team)
  • Jon Sánchez (UPV/EHU), manager of the database (member or the Signal Processing Laboratory,of the Faculty of Engineering)
  • K. Fernández and J. A. Rubio (UPV/EHU), managers of the module of statistics: Department of Applied Economy III (Statistics and Econometrics)
  • B. Ruiz (UEU), manager of the module of cartography
  • G. Santander (UPV/EHU), computer specialist
  • I. Usobiaga (UPV/EHU), statistics specialist